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When I was just five years old, I had a dream of creating a library beneath the stairs – something that would bring joy and learning to my family and me. My ambitious spirit only grew from there. But when I was twelve, my life changed overnight.

One sunny day, I remembered horrific experiences from a very young age at the hands of someone close to me – experiences that I had kept hidden in my mind for so long. The betrayal felt by my own mind shook me to my core, and it took its toll on all aspects of my life as a result.

All my relationships suffered; despite being just a little girl myself, I blamed myself for what happened instead of owning up to how bravely and innocently I faced such injustice without even knowing it could happen in the first place.

Growing up too fast, with unforgiving relationships left me feeling drained and deeply self-critical. With an unloving attitude towards myself I was unable to extend that love outwards into the world around me either.

My teenage years were inexplicably difficult; I didn’t know who I was or how to love – for me, this meant letting in all the wrong people; it was as though I was a beacon calling to all the wrong people. I later learned that’s the cost of not loving yourself and data shows this goes hand in hand with child abuse. 

At around 16 years old, while many of my friends enjoyed summer freedom, I stayed busy at work with dreams of continued growth and learning. Even through difficulty I never wavered in my love for ‘business’ or interacting with people – it was clear that ambition ran strong in my veins.

I would go on to struggle with many relationships with friends, family; everyone. Developing destructive coping mechanisms was so difficult because when you’re ‘in it’ you don’t even realize you are doing it. It wasn’t until many years later that I would learn to recognize the triggers and what I was doing.

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New Me

My Journey

As time passed on, I realized that if you don’t love yourself first then you can’t truly love anyone else either – despite any obstacles standing in your way or any painful memories haunting your past.

It wasn’t until my early 20s that I learned not to let my past define who I wanted to become or stop me from achieving great things tomorrow, instead, my past became fuel for re-igniting the courageous spirit within me since childhood- this same spark which inspired the library beneath the stairs all those years ago!

With newfound strength – both emotionally and physically – over time, I slowly rebuilt not only an understanding but also admiration towards myself. This new awareness gave rise to confidence which enabled more meaningful connections with people around me and allowed true friendships to thrive.

It even helped make space for healing conversations about difficult topics like abuse and trauma – topics that are often avoided but desperately need attention nonetheless! As time passed, and lessons were learned, my lifelong ambition became reality — not only did I build the library under the stairs, but I went on to have two successful decades in the recruitment industry and am now the Founder & CEO of GemTek, my own recruiting company, on my terms, and led by my strong moral compass! 

For more information on GemTek, please visit GemTek Website

Not every day is perfect, but every day brings me closer towards becoming the best version of myself.   Overcoming a traumatic childhood and facing numerous challenges, I chose not to become broken or bitter. Instead of letting my struggles define me, I learned to embrace this incredible journey as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

With each passing lesson came renewed inspiration – demonstrating that even in the darkest of times we can still find strength within us! Despite any obstacles thrown my way during this remarkable voyage, nothing could deter me from reaching my destiny; proving that age brings wisdom & courage gives us wings!

GemTek Recruiting. Gina Matteson, Founder & CEO

By creating 'A Thousand Masks', my hope is to cultivate a world where everyone can bloom into their most authentic, true selves. My hope is that this book will be an uplifting source of strength and understanding for parents - encouraging them to communicate openly with their child/children, trust in each other above all else, and embrace unconditional self-love & forgiveness.

My message

As you embark on your journey, may understanding & self-acceptance always be at its core. Allow love and communication to lead the way through life’s highs and lows as transparency is key for healthy relationships. It’s my wish that each of you strives to live a purposeful existence in order to truly experience joy & growth from within!  My ultimate goal is for everyone to


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